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  Beijing MingDe Yuanjing Technology Co., Ltd. is professional in producing golf and gardening maintenance equipment and irrigation materials, including:
A. Turf Maintenance Equipment:
  ★ Turf Mower Series              ★ Top Dressing Machine Series
  ★ Aerator Series                     ★ Roller Series 
  ★ Roller Series                     ★ Knife Sharpener Series
  ★ Sprayer Series                     ★ Turf Sweeper Series
  ★ Fertilizer Distributor Series ★Sand Screening Machine Series
B. Irrigation Materials:
  Valve Boxes, Swing Joints, Watershed Saddles, Quick Water Taker, etc.
  We have our own base for R & D, production and processing, we'd like to work together with you to develop special tools and products.      
  With the principle of we are willing to cooperate with you to build China’s golf and landscaping industries.        


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