Drum Sand Screening Machine

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Drum Sand Screening Machine
Model RD-GS-30
Overall Dimensions 3000mm
Product Capacity 1m3
Working Capacity 0-30m3/h
Feed Conveyor Length 6000mm
Discharge Conveyor Length 5000mm
Screening Drum Length 1800mm
Screening Drum Diameter 1000mm
1. Drum type sand screening machine is provided with double conveyors, can be charged mechanically and manually, and can save manual work by 80%.                    
2. Initially install stirring device in sand hopper    at home, reducing sand blocking.             
3. Initially install manhole in sand hopper at home, conveniently taking out blocked foreign matters such as stone and daub at any time.                                  
4. Initially install hairbrush in rolling screen at home, preventing sieve from sticking to the screen in high soil content. 
5. Adopt two 4KW motors, one 3KW motor, one 1.5KW motor and two speed reducers, reducing requirement on labor force.  
6. Equip conveyor belt produced independently with device capable of freely moving and height adjustment function. 
7. Control the motors by a forward and reverse switch.                            
8. Equip one main switch with earth   leakage protective device and four three-way  switches in an outdoor distribution box.