Fairway Sand Covering Machine

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Model RD-QF-02
Overall Dimensions 3750mmx2270mmx1150mm
Total weight 800kg
Sand Covering Width 1930mm
Sand Covering Thickness 0-40mm
Traction Mode ≥30HP Tractor
Sand Carrying Capacity 2-3m3

1. Only need tractor no lower than 30HP as power traction. Most of products in the market adopt 45-50HP tractors as traction power

2. Drive conveyor belt and rolling brushes to rotate by its six back wheels, and use the power generated by the torque from the countershaft as output power source when in travelling. –This has been applied for patent.                                                                 

  In the current market, even imported equipment in normal work needs equipping hydraulic interface on the tractor with or fixing engine on the equipment as th e power source to drive the rotation of the conveyor belt and the rolling brushes when covering sand           

3. Fix operating handle on tractor, with simple operation.                              

4. Adopt eight wheels (six in the back, two in front) fixed in two rows, so as to increase the bearing capacity of sand covering machine, and greatly reduce pressure to the ground in unit area, dispensing with any external support. — This has been applied for patent. In the market, equipments both imported and domestic adopt a back row of wheels (2-4 wheels), and are provided with a drag lever in front to directly connect with the tractor.                                                         

5. Two wheels in the front row can freely rotate to form a swing mechanism. Six wheels in the back row can independently move at different speeds in work, without rolling grass during side movement. — This has been applied for patent. The design of two rows of wheels is unavailable in the market, and the wheels in the back only play support effect, without differential gear.