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Green Combing Root-cutting Machine


Product description


Model RD-GSQ-01
Power 5.5HP 、6.5HP
Work Width (mm) 480
Combing Interval Width (mm) 33
Combing Depth Adjustment (mm) 70
Blade Rotating Speed (r/m) 96
Noise Level (dB) 100
Net Weight (kgs) 59
Overall Dimensions mm (L*W*H) 1120*690*1080


It is used to remove withered grass layer on lawn, appropriately lower plant spacing, loosen surface soil, improve air permeability of lawn, inhibit growth of weeds, and promote health growth of lawn.

Improve the lawn weeds, restrain the general atmosphere, promote the lawn health growth

It is equipped with 5.5HP HONDA or 5.5HP BS engine, blades can effectively clear withered grass layer under the effect of mechanical centrifugal force, and the loosening depth is adjustable.