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Full-floating Tool Bit Lawn Mower

Product description


Model RD-GJ-02
Overall Dimensions 1585mmx900mmx1120mm
Engine 5.5HP Honda Air-cooled Gasoline Engine
Running Speed 0-6.1 km/h
Mowing Height 1.5-25mm
Mowing Width 533mm


Adopt imported cutter as hobbing cutter

All bearings and shafts adopt domestic metric dimension.

Belt and chain drive.

GJ 02 Green Lawn Mower can be applicable to regions, such as uneven greens and slopes, and can substantially eliminate the uneven mowing phenomenon.

Make front end slightly heavier, so as to ensure mowing cutter set to cut into lawn and keep

mowing height lower than before.

Mowing Speed: 1.9-5.38km/h        Running Speed: 7.9km/h