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1’’ Copper Rapid Water Valve Set

Product description


产品名称 name

1inch Copper Water Valve Set

Model RD-02-1
产品名称 Category Water-supply Plug Water Valve
产品名称 Material Brass
产品名称 Specification 1”
Work Pressure 0.1-1.0Mpa
Connector Type Gl in Internal Thread


Main Application:

It is applied to supply water from underground pipe network, is connected with various underground sprayers for spray irrigation, and is also available be connected with hoses to wash vehicles, roads, etc.

Main Characteristic: Water valve consists of a valve body and a key rod. The water valve can not get water if the valve body does not pass through the key rod, and the valve body is provided with a top cover for preventing foreign matters entering. Stainless steel spring is provided, and is durable. The connector of the key rod can be connected to various sprayers, and the water valve can be made of plastics and brass, wherein the connector of the plastic water valve is provided with a brass embedded part.