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hree-Socket Tee Joint

Product description

      The company mainly produces Ф63-Ф800 plastics-steel pipe fittings of various types, and also can produce special pipe fittings and pipe fitting in various pressure classes (0.63MPa-2.0MPa) used in engineering. The 产品名称s have the advantage of flexible connection, and are especially suitable for matching with pipes with large caliber and high pressure.

    Our plastics-steel pipes are produced through pressing, mechanical processing, welding and polishing with Q235 steel, wherein the inner surface and the outer surface are both carried out with sand blasting, rust removal, phosphorization, preheating, electrostatic plastic coating and high-temperature baking and curing. 产品名称s can be connected with pipes through flexible rubber sealing rings, flanges, threaded ports, etc.

    With years of experience on 产品名称 sales, we have obtained good respond among users. The 产品名称s, safe and reliable, are an ideal choice for users. See sample and 零售价 list for special shape and dimensions.