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Pull Type Unpowered Fairway Pesticide Sprayer


Product description


Model RD-TDY-04
Overall Dimensions 2200mm×1600mm×1700mm
Optional Power The rear end of a tractor with two hydraulic output interface
Insecticide Spraying Pump Import three cylinder diaphragm pump
The medicine tank capacity 1000L
Spraying Distance 4500mm


 Adopt four wheels to bear the overall weight of cart, so as to reduce damages to turf in unit area.

 Behind the three original USA imported electromagnetic valve control spray arm and hand gun can be operated independently, without mutual influence
 Adopt imported filter
 Folding cantilever bar, equipped with 14 high quality original American inlet nozzle, and is equipped with high quality original   USA imported spray gun
 The medicine pot made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, long service life
 Spray arm lifting by electro motor control, and can operate independently
 The first international with no engine (hydraulic motor) drive the pesticide pump, lift the gasoline fuel consumption reduced maintenance costs