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1inch Direct-joint Support Arm


Product description


产品名称 产品编号 RN-JJ-11
产品名称 Name

1inch Direct-joint Support Arm

Specification Single Thread
产品名称 Remark 32 Long-nozzle Direct Joint
产品名称 Category

Support Arm Hinge Joint


Main Characteristic:

High Flow Quantity—Reduce loss by 50% by improving pressure of riser tube. Elaborately choose raw materials, ensuring use safety

Large Threaded Inlet—Screw and install underwater conveniently, and reduce damages to support arm when screwing with wrench.

O-shaped Ring—Good Sealing, neat connector, and easy adjustment of position.

Technical Parameter:

Length—8inch (203mm), 12inch (305mm), 18inch (457mm)   

Diameter—1inch (2.5cm), 1.25inch (3.2cm), 1.5 inch (3.8cm)

Inlet Type—NPT, BSP, ACME, Sleeve, Nominal Sleeve, Tee Joint

Mating Gasket with Tee Joint—2inch (15mm), 2.5inch (64mm) Gasket

Pressure Class—315 LB/Inch 2(21.7Kg/cm2), measurable at 22.8 degrees

Outlet Type—NPT, BSP, ACME