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6inch Plastic Valve Box


Product description


产品名称 Name 6inch Plastic Valve Box
产品名称 Model RD-VB-6
产品名称 Shape Round
产品名称 Specification 155mmx205mmx235mm
产品名称 Category Valve Box


产品名称 Application: This 产品名称 is made from high-strength plastics, and is applicable to underground water meter, air valve, drain valve, electromagnetic valve, hand valve, etc.

产品名称 Characteristic: This 产品名称 is originally equipped with slot hole allowing pipe to thread through, and is convenient for field installation.

产品名称 Material: High-strength Polyethylene Plastic, with firmness and durability.

Technical Specification: Bearable Vertical Load Capacity: 17kg/cm2        Density: 0.995g/cm2

In-site Tensile Strength: 21.37-39.92N/mm2       Flexural Temperature: 73-82DEG C